WORK DAYS MAY 17 and 18, 2014

This Saturday and Sunday 9 to 12 we will be working on finishing the drip and planting all the donation plots.
If you can’t help either day, but can help during the week, let me know and I will hook up with you.  You can text me 720-232-7849
We have extra tomato plants.  After we get the tomatoes planted in the donation plots the ones that are left will be there for the taking.
We also have lots of seeds available.
Bring all your friends and family.
Anyone is welcome to volunteer to help!
​Let’s Get Growing!​
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Birch Community Garden Kick off day 2014

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Prep day for the donation plots this Saturday March 29th from 10 AM to noon.

This Saturday the volunteer coordinators will be preparing the four large donation plots for kick off day. We will be there between 10 and noon.  If you would like to come out and help, that would be great. See you there.

Kick-off day is April  12, 2014 9 to noon.

Kick-off day for the garden is April 12, from 9 AM to noon (or as long as you want to work). We will be cleaning up, turning the soil in the plots, putting in burlap paths, installing drip systems, and planting seeds.  So, come with lots of energy!  Bring family, friends, neighbors, coworkers or anyone that would like to get their hands dirty.  The more who participate, the better!  We really need your help.

Come one come all…..

If you have a shovel and or rake please bring it with you!

Mike has offered his broadfork for those that would like to use it.  It is great to use instead of tilling or turning with a shovel.  See link below:

Have you started your seedlings???  YOU NEED TO ASAP!!!

If you have questions feel free to ask.  We have answers.

  • Last Frost for Colorado, in your area
  • What to plant now
  • What to plant in a few weeks
  • How to care for your plants all season long


Let’s get growing!

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Vegetable Planting Guide and Last Frost Date for the Broomfield and Boulder Area

The links below are PDF’s on the last frost date and a vegetable planting guide  from Colorado State University Extension.  CSU is a great resource for gardening and much more!

Last Frost Dates 2014

Vegetable Planting Guide

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Seedlings have been started!

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Seedlings have been started for the donation plots 2014!

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End of 2013 and beginning of 2014 “Let’s get growing”

These pictures were the end of 2013 season! Now it’s time to start thinking about 2014. We are getting ready to start the seedling for the donation plots. What are you doing?

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We are harvesting!

As of July 31, 2013 we have donated 70 pounds of veggies to the Salvation Army and Broomfield Silvercrest Senior apartments.

2013 Birch  Community Garden

2013 Birch
Community Garden

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May 18th 7:30 to Noon we will be tilling and planting the donation plots!

May 18th plant and till day!

May 18th plant and till day!

See you all there!

Hope to have someone from Colorado State University Extensions  to answer questions.

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